Top 10 Posh Areas in Mumbai to Live

Bandra, Malabar Hill, and the most beautiful Powai are some posh areas in Mumbai. The facility, development, and lifestyle make them posh and peaceful.

List of Top Tier 2 Cities in India to Live and Settle In

Tier 2 cities in India are the fastest-growing and developing cities. Real estate investment in these cities will give you a higher ROI.

10 Different Types of Houses in India You Should Know About

House is the only place where you live with your family And the choice of houses can be different from each other. Lets know what type of houses you like.

What Is Bigha in Land Measurement: All You Need to Know about It

Bigha is the oldest and most traditional unit of land measuring. It's used in many parts of India as well as other countries also.

Property Transfer Charges in India: Everything You Need to Know

Property transfer charges are important in real estate transactions, particularly when purchasing and selling properties. Understanding these expenses enables informed decision-making and efficient execution of the procedure. States vary, and purchasing them is simpler than registering.

What Is the Difference Between Freehold and Leasehold Property

Freehold is when the owner owns the property, while leasehold is when the owner leases the property. There are many differences between Freehold and Leasehold.

Deemed Let Out Property: Meaning, Income Tax Calculation, and More You Need to Know

Deemed let-out property is basically the other than two houses owned by you and it has been continuously on the rent or just showed rented on the paper.

Difference between Kutcha House and Pucca House

Kutch house is made from a material that is easily available in nature like grass, mud, stones, etc. But the pucca house is made from cement, bricks, etc.

What Is Khatian Number: Everything You Need to Know

Every single village and rural area is have own Khatian. Every single land and its details are there in the Khatian. Khata, Khasra no. is there in the Khatian.

What Is R-zone in Maharashtra: Everything You Need to Know

R-Zone is a plot that is a residential zone plot undertaken by the government for residential purposes only. It is mainly divided into R1 and R2 types. R1 is purely used for residential purposes and R2 is residential cum commercial.
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