What Is 1RK Flat & How It Is Different from 1BHK?

Hello there! You’ve probably heard the terms “BHK” and “RK” in the real estate industry. They are clear and simple to understand, however confusing at first confusing.

First, let’s talk about BHK. It represents the bedroom, kitchen, and hall. As a result, if you see something like 1BHK, it means there is only one bedroom, one kitchen, and one hall that can be used as a living space. The number before BHK refers to the number of bedrooms in the home.

Let us now discuss what 1RK means. It stands for “Kitchen and Room.” Therefore, if you see something like 1RK, it suggests that there is a separate kitchen in addition to a single room that functions as a bedroom and living space.

Of course. Understanding the difference between 1RK and 1BHK is like having a hidden key in the real estate sector. It is critical to understand what meets your needs in terms of space, price, and lifestyle, in addition to layout and size. For example, you can see the 1 BHK apartments at one of the most iconic developments in Mumbai location Powai, a project named Godrej Chandivali.

For example, a BHK would be a better alternative for a family seeking more privacy because it has separate rooms for living, sleeping, and cooking. An RK, on the other hand, can be a more cost-effective option if you’re traveling alone or just beginning because it combines everything into a single room, which makes it small and comfortable.

R.K: What does 1 RK means in real estate

1 RK is mostly known as studio apartments in the real estate language.
1 RK is mostly known as studio apartments in the real estate language.

1RK stands for “1 Room Kitchen.” It is effectively an apartment with a separate kitchen and a single room for sleeping, eating, and relaxing.

It resembles an ideal small-living alternative for cities. RK layouts are important in settings like congested cities, where every square foot counts. With some careful arrangement, an RK flat may appear quite pleasant and inviting, even if it appears to be small at first.

Consider making the most of your given resources. With some intelligent planning, you can turn that one space into a multipurpose location that meets all of your needs. It comes down to resolving to live casually and making it work for you.

B.H.K: What is the meaning of 1 BHK in real estate

1 BHK is mostly known for the spaces which the apartment provides.
1 BHK is mostly known for the spaces which the apartment provides.

You are aware of BHK, right? It may be read as “Bedroom Hall Kitchen.” It’s extremely significant, comparable to the VIP of real estate words, and you’ve almost certainly seen it in numerous apartment advertisements.

When you see anything like one BHK. The number before BHK shows the number of bedrooms. Naturally, a kitchen and a hallway (or living room) are included.

The “H” in BHK refers to the hall, where you can refresh after a long day, hang out with friends, watch movies, etc.

BHK layouts are ideal for creating a home as they offer greater space. There are options to suit your needs and lifestyle, whether you prefer a modest 1 BHK or a huge 3 BHK. The Godrej Woodsville Hinjewadi Pune project is the best example for you to understand the benefits of 1 BHK. 

Understand the difference between 1 RK & 1 BHK room in real estate

Firstly you need to understand the differences between 1RK and 1 BHK design concepts in the Indian real estate industry. It’s comparable to determining what type of living configuration is best for you and who it will suit. 

Knowing the differences allows you to select the layout design that best suits your preferences and way of life. There is a configuration that works well for you, whether you are traveling alone or with an entire family.
You should keep in mind, that before investing in any type of property, you should ask the developer for the occupancy certificate, that assures that the project is developed as per the plan and under all the rules.

Understand what 1 RK means

1 RK means a place where all things come under one roof or one room.
1 RK means a place where all things come under one roof or one room.

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What does 1 RK means? So 1 RK means having a small place where every needed thing can come under one roof. It is like making the most of limited space. This is very common in busy and a place where the price of the real estate is high. 

1 RK flats are ideal for young professionals who value the location above the flats. They are helpful if you will keep things simple and don’t require a lot of space for other activities. 

One of the biggest facts about the 1 RK flats is they are low in cost and the maintenance cost is also low as compared to the other flats. You can also save on electricity bills and maintenance if you are staying alone and you are working. 

But the 1 RK is not suitable for everyone, for example, if you need it for entertainment purposes on weekends with friends, or you need a space for a personal office, then the 1 RK cannot be for you because you will feel congested.

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Understand what 1 BHK means

1 BHK means having a personal living room, in which we can do interior decorations freely.
1 BHK means having a personal living room, in which we can do interior decorations freely.  

Let’s understand the 1 BHK apartments, which include large and spacious living areas, as compared to 1 RK apartment, BHK gives you more space in the house by giving you a separate room for different purposes.

1 BHK apartments are perfect for a wide range of individuals, such as professionals who are single, roommates, and small families. BHK has extra space which includes a separate living room or hall, which gives you the freedom and opportunity to spread out. BHK provides you with the space for relaxing, welcoming guests, and simply enjoying life in spacious space apartments.

Which apartment size does a most Indian citizen prefer?

You will find it interesting after knowing that people from different Indian cities have different preferences when it comes to choosing the size of homes. Most Indian citizens choose 1 BHK over 1 RK apartments, because of the space and other aspects which make the 1 BHK look compatible to make choices. 

People who want to relocate and live with family in cities like Mumbai, mostly choose the 1 BHK apartments because the space provided in the 1 BHK is way better than 1 RK. 

And people who want to relocate individually to Mumbai, from the job perspective, mostly choose the 1RK apartments, because it is less cost-effective. Godrej Highlands Panvel Navi Mumbai will be the best example to understand why 1 BHK is a better option compared to 1 RK apartment.

Pros and Cons of 1 RK apartments 



RK apartments are mostly known as studio apartments which is beneficial for the low-salaried single person. 

It is important to understand that the limited structure of RK apartments brings challenges like privacy, separate rooms, etc.

1 RK apartment provides a small living area solution that combines living, sleeping, and dining areas into a single multifunctional space along with a separate kitchen space.

No separate space or room can limit your privacy and entertainment and alone time and also impact welcoming guests at your place.

The affordability can be a big advantage for you and this will attract the students and single professionals. 

The combined space for living, sleeping and dining will not suit everyone’s lifestyle. 

This will help with fewer utility bills and fewer maintenance charges. 

If the person works from home and lives with family or roommates, he will be unable to concentrate on his work.

Most RK apartments are located near industrial areas, and urban centers, which provide easy accessibility.  

The limited space can restrict you in storage options and interior design options, by making it challenging to personalize the living area.

Pros and Cons of 1 BHK apartments



BHK apartments offer more space in comparison to RK apartments 

The 1 BHK apartments are more costly than the 1 RK flats.

1 BHK apartment comes with a living area (hall), separate Bedroom, and Kitchen

The higher square foot of 1 BHK results in high rent and purchasing prices along with more maintenance charges. 

The BHK apartments offer more privacy and spaces to enjoy your living.

The large space in BHK apartments consumes more time in cleaning and sweeping.

The BHK apartment is mostly purchased by families, roommates, or anyone requiring more space for parties, celebrations, different activities or wanting privacy.

BHK apartments are less easily accessible or can be located far away from the city centers.

In BHK apartments the additional spaces will allow you to feel comfortable and it will allow you to do the interior design decorations. 

Those who are prioritizing the budget over the comfort of living will find it cost-effective.

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Contact PropertyCloud, and get the best rate on a home loan.

What makes 1RK different from 1BHK

So usually, when it comes to choosing between the 1 RK and 1 BHK apartments in India, it comes down to what suits you the most. 

So, if you want apartments that are budget-friendly, then the RK apartments will be the best for you, which will not impact your budget. The RK apartments will be perfect for singles and couples, who don’t need a ton of space and also want to save money. 

However, if you want more peace and space to relax, the BHK is the most beneficial choice. The BHK apartments are perfect for families, roommates, or anyone who wants a separate room for their privacy but needs to spend more money.
In the end, it matters only to find the right apartments as per your needs and priorities. So if you need any guidance related to choosing between the 1 RK or 1 BHK, you can contact PropertyCloud, and they will help you make a wise decision.

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