Maharashtra E-Registration for Property: Everything You Need to Know

The process of registering real estate transactions online using the Government Receipt The Accounting System (GRAS) portal is known as “e-registration Maharashtra.” The Maharashtra government devised a digital method that makes the registration of property documents more transparent and easier.

This enables all citizens of the state to register their leave and licensing agreements online at any time, from any location, and without having to physically visit the state’s sub-registrar office for any kind of real estate property, including a villa, company, or residential property.

During the 2020 epidemic, the Maharashtra State Government was the first to take the lead in registering property sales agreements online. This will make it easier for buyers to buy any kind of property and complete the registration process while seated in the builder’s office; they won’t have to waste time traveling to a state sub-registrar office.

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What substitutes are available for electronic registration online?

Numerous Common Service Centers (CSCs) around the state have also been given the authority to offer e-registration services. Additional e-registration options for inhabitants of Mumbai city are “Maha e-seva Kendra” and Common Service Centers (CSCs). Users must be informed, though, that certain portals provide paid websites.

For customers to utilize local outlets and avoid crowds in the e-registration offices, the department personnel also trained the Authorized Service Providers (ASP). The number of individuals lining up at e-centers will be reduced with the assistance of service-providing outlets.

How to get an agreement through electronic means

You can find here an explanation of how to register online in Maharashtra and how to agree to use e-registration platforms.

Step 1

To begin, navigate to the website “,” click the “Online Services” label, and then select the “e-registration” link.

The initial page of the Maharashtra portal's online registration.
The initial page of the Maharashtra portal’s online registration.

Step 2

Secondly, click on the “L & L” option under the website title “Online Services” to access the e-registration Maharashtra of leave and license agreement.

The Maharashtra state online registration method is available on the e-registration property page
The Maharashtra state online registration method is available on the e-registration property page

Step 3

Next, choose the view that matches the one that is now displayed.

Step 4

Using the New “Entry Column,” which requires one capital letter, one uppercase letter, one special character, and one number, determine the district in which your property is located. Mumbai@786 or 786&MUM, for instance.

Step 5

Kindly confirm, and then type the password again.

Document submission during the electronic registration process 

Submission succeeded after the message was received. Next, choose “View Draft Document” to access the file. This part will display a draft copy of the leave license agreement that was made using the file you submitted. 

After that, if you’d like to make any modifications, click the “Back” option to finish making the necessary adjustments. Only online payments for stamp duty and other taxes are accepted on the webpage.

Execution of the document for further procedure

Click the “Execution” tab once you’ve made sure the documents match your needs exactly. Following that, a notice will appear on your screen. Click “OK” once everyone has agreed to the terms of the agreement.

A list of all the parties’ documents as well as the witness’s name will appear when you click the OK tab. After choosing each individual and uploading their photo, users will need to provide thumbprints using a thumb scanner device. 

It’s vital to remember that, should they be authentic, the full fingerprint and photo should show when you click them. When buying real estate property, especially in Mumbai City, it is imperative. Mumbai holds special significance for this online e-registration Maharashtra business due to its abundance of attractions, which include the world’s tallest skyscrapers and bungalows.

Documentation submission for the online registration

Step 1

For the process to be finished, first click the “Submit” option. Your documents will be forwarded automatically to the Department of Registration’s sub-registrar for registration consideration.

Step 2

If you logged out before submitting the first time, you can submit again by entering the password and 11-digit token number in the “Modify Entry” section.

Step 3

Before submitting the document to the Registrar, one may also make any necessary modifications by using the “Edit” feature.

Step 4

By choosing the “see the status” option from the drop-down menu after submitting the document, one can find out how it is currently progressing.

The necessary paperwork for the online registration procedure
The necessary paperwork for the online registration procedure

Incorporation of documents in e-registration for property process

Once the sub-registrar has reviewed all of your documents in an online format, one will be notified if the documents have been authorized or denied, as well as whether any adjustments or additional documents are required.

He will highlight any changes or shortcomings on your account on the portal. Later on, you may view them by choosing the “View Status” tab from the drop-down menu. Upon completion of all modifications, the sub-registrar will evaluate your document. The sub-registrar will finish the registration procedure if the documents are resolved and qualified for registration of a new home.

The sub-registrar will call in the real estate documents about the purchase of new properties for purchase by the end of the following working day after the date on which the documents were filed for registration.

What are the essentials for doing an Online registration in Maharashtra on its own?

  • A good internet connection.
  • A thumb scanner machine or finger scanner machine is also called a biometric device according to the rules that are made by the registration department.
  • Printing Machine
  • Working Web Camera
  • Each party must have an Aadhaar No ( Aadhaar Card) as proof
  • The document’s stamp duty and registration fees and other property transfer charges should be paid electronically with the help of the GRAS Portal, through an e-challan, or a simple receipt.

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 Documents required for online registration in Maharashtra state 

  • 2 passport-size photos of the buyer, seller, and witnesses.
  • Photo identity in the form of Voter ID, Passport, of the buyer, seller, and witnesses.
  • The latest property card or malmatta Patrak, or 7/12 document whichever is available, for information about the property, and its owners, and also to check the records, if there is pending tax due or any ongoing cases are there or not. 
  • Electricity bills and municipal tax of the year to see the record of which year the property was developed and also to check the NOC of the property whether the property is built as per the rules and whether it is proper or not.
  • Copy of pan card of seller, buyer, and witnesses.
  • Thumbprint and a digital photo of seller, buyer, and witnesses.

Maharashtra online registration was successful

Indeed, the registration process was made simpler when the Maharashtra state government launched the e-registration Maharashtra portal to allow online registration. Because it cuts down on wait times and avoids time wastage, it’s the best thing the state government has done. The best thing is that adopting this platform won’t require an intermediary to collect payments, which will lessen state corruption.
This form of registration reduces document robbery because the owner, seller, and witnesses do not need to go to the registrar’s office and wait in line for the documents. The kind of properties that every state has to provide is something like Bangalore City. Through this, individuals even register and purchase real estate online. Because the people of Maharashtra state embrace and find this online registration technique straightforward, the process of online registration in Maharashtra is successful.

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