Priyanka Sonawane

Moving Cities? Know about Cost of Living in Kolkata vs Bangalore

At the time of calculating the cost of living in Kolkata vs Bangalore, you need to look at the cost of housing, food, transportation, and job opportunities.

11 DIY Diwali House Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Making paper lantern, paper lotus tea light holder, popsicle stick lanterns, clay Diwali elephant ornaments, and many more are best Diwali DIY decoration ideas.

Home Entrance according to Vastu: 11 Tips to Help You Get It Right

The doorbell, doormat, threshold, door color and direction, some wooden decor for entrance, etc. is an important factors of the Vastu for home entrance.

Unrealised Rent on Property and How It’s Treated in Your Income: An Expert Guide

In a simple words, rent receivable is an unrealised rent. Amounts of unrealised rent that are recovered are taxable income in the year the rent was received.

Cost of Living in Mumbai vs Bangalore- Which Metro City Fits Your Pocket?

When we calculate the cost of living in Mumbai vs. Bangalore, it's necessary to look at Housing costs, traveling, education, and job opportunities, etc.

Hindu Undivided Family Property (HUF Property) & Its Transfer Process: An Expert Guide

HUF property in India signifies a distinctive business and taxation model. It encompasses all lineally descended Hindu family members, forming a family-focused entity.

How to Monsoon Proof Your Home: 11 DIY Tips for Maintenance & More

Taking care of the exterior, and furniture, checking wires, and cleaning drainage pipes is the basic DIY to make your home monsoon-proof.

21 Feng Shui Home Decor Items to Bring You Good Luck & Prosperity

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice to bring good luck and positivity to home. Feng Shui Tortoises, Plants, Evil Eyes, and many more are Feng Shui items.

9 Tips to Renovate Your Bathroom as per Vastu

Renovating the bathroom as per Vastu, includes direction, color, design, and placement of the bathroom. This will directly impact positivity and energy.

Things & Home Decor Items That Bring Good Luck & Fortune in Your House

Swastikas, Incense, Fruit Bowl, Horseshoes, Evil Eye, Lucky Dies, Fresh Flowers are the best things that bring good luck and fortune.
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