11 Best Ways and Tips to Furnish Your New Home: Indian Style

Sometimes Indian home decor ideas can seem exceptionally confusing and complicated. However, if you pay attention and invest a little time in furnishing your home, the results can be surprising. Our hectic life schedules often leave us with little time to make changes or plan how to furnish our homes, turning them into boring places. Don’t let maintaining your decor become a big hassle; instead, spend some time enhancing your space. If you’re also considering different housing options, understanding what 1RK flat is & how it is different from 1BHK? can help you make informed decisions that suit your lifestyle and decor needs 

Indian furniture and decors.

How to furnish a new home?

The best way to furnish your home is to learn and research and incorporate the Feng Shui home decor items to decorate your home. Indian furniture and decors are full of colorfulness, complexity, and brightness, And this is not something to be amazed that so many people want to decorate and furnish their homes with Indian style, even people from different countries like these.

Whether you are looking forward to renovating your whole house or just a few rooms and a kitchen, there are many ways to integrate Indian style into your furniture or decor. But what makes Indian home decor so different? Vibrant colors, using beautiful bandhani blankets or bandhani print sofas, using wooden furniture. (Even people in India use wooden combs which are made of healthy wood such as neem.) You will find lots of decor and furnishing ways and tips, but you have to decide what is your type. and select whatever you love.

Indian decor and furnishing are simple to create as it looks beautiful and elegant. No, it does not demand any highly-expensive home decor items or fancy redecoration, But you have to understand a little bit of Indian culture. Put a little effort to make your dream home a gorgeous home. If you have purchased the property at Godrej Infinity Keshav Nagar Pune and planing to live there do the necessary doctor to your house.

Select Colors That Are Appealing

Select colors that are appealing

Colors in topic decors and furniture? yes, adding colors is the first step to start decorating and furnishing your home in an Indian traditional way. Indian color palette is especially vibrant. It contains hues from the earthy tones of the olden days to the pretty pastels of modern times.

Having such a vast scale of colors it can be warm, intense, dark, cool, elegant, soft, and sober/decent it can be combined to make a new mixture. Colors have the power to decide our mood or the style of the room by connecting themselves to human emotions.

You can go bright or bold, whatever you like. There is no rule written that Indian traditional home colors are only bright red, blue, green, and yellow, but most Indian people use it.

You should avoid light shades and pastel colors. For Indian touch, you can use a deep purple, red, royal blue or blue, turmeric, jade, marigold, and more vibrant colors/hues. Mix-and-match will go with a maximum of 3 colors do not make a rainbow with unmatched colors.

Must avoid dark colors and steer clear of black and gray. In India, these colors convey negativity and evil, which is not what anyone wants in their house.

Select Prints and Textures Based on Your Personality 

Select prints and textures based on your personality

Indian historic prints and textures are very trending nowadays because of how gorgeous they look on walls. It will be neck-breaking to find good prints & textures from a wide variety of typical Indian-style home designs, but here are a few mainly used prints & textures that include-

  • ikkat prints
  • Ajrakh prints
  • Khari prints
  • kalamkari, etc.
  • Silk and khadi look good with and without prints or embroidery.

Things You Need to Buy for Your New Home: The Complete Checklist

Choose Furniture Based on Your Requirements 

Choose furniture as per your need

Try looking for curved chairs and sofas. Cabinets with designs or paintings and make sure to have a huge cupboard in a room with a huge mirror. In Indian decor, inlay work is chart-topping select a piece of furniture that has stone inlay work, ivory, mirror, and metal. 

If you have purchased your dream house at Godrej Highlands you can decorate your house with the furniture if planning the here are the details to of the project.

There are few elegant Indian furniture that is making a comeback-

  • Bajot
  • Antique Teak Cabinets
  • Indian Ottoman
  • Trunks
  • Charpoy
  • Wooden wicker chairs and muddas
  • Divan
  • Antique dressing units
  • Carved wooden bedside tables and consoles
  • Wooden jaali

Use the Elements of Festivals

Caption: Use Elements of festivals

In India, when it comes to festivals, people decorate their homes to the fullest, especially during Diwali. Yes, Diwali is a festival of lights, but most Indians never think that Diyas and lamps are only for a few festival days in a year. Brighten up your house with Diyas and lamps are normal here.

Use Some Handmade Fabrics/Elements

Use Some Handmade Fabrics/Elements

Are you wondering about what fabric am I talking about? Indian print fabrics look so elegant that you use them to decorate your walls as wallpaper, on your entrance as a toran, print on cupboard, and many more.

Utilizing these vibrant prints into your home not only adds a touch of cultural charm but also aligns with green building benefits by using natural dyes and sustainable materials, contributing to an eco-friendly and stylish living environment.

Select Decorative Mirrors   

Choose Decorative Mirrors 

A mirror makes an empty place a useful corner where you will go every time to check on yourself. Why do people use mirrors in different-different rooms? It brings positivity and of course, the mirror is very important that we use mirrors daily. At least one mirror in the bedroom(full-sized), bathrooms, and one in the main hall near your door so that you can last check yourself before leaving.
You can furnish your new bought home in Codename Big Bull project by following this guide.

Select Well-Designed Curtains 

Select Well-Designd Curtains

Curtain is the element that is mostly used in every house as they have functions of natural light control, providing privacy, separating spaces, etc.

Curtains are an important feature in any home because, in addition to controlling light, separating spaces, and providing privacy, they dress up the windows and become an important feature that completes the decoration. 

They have a high decorative value and come in a multitude of colors, patterns, fabrics, and materials, out of which a particular one can be chosen depending on the characteristics of the room.

Make Pooja Ghar More Lively

Make pooja ghar more likely

Pooja Ghar is a must in an Indian house. In god believer’s house, Pooja Ghar is the first cleanest space, and the second is the kitchen.

Pooja Ghar’s decor should be neat and clean. in pooja Ghar/place don’t use dark colors for example black.

Space does not matter if you do not have a whole room, use some space from your kitchen and bring a small/big mandir. Just do it with purity and faithfully. Pooja Ghar or mandir should always brighten up Diya or Kapoor.

Things you need to buy for the pooja ghar 

Use Photographs

Use photographs 

For photographs, use your family photos with frames or family tree art and photos of Indian history, arts, real heroes, etc.

Most people hang a photo of their god or what they believe in. Photographs should be of happy memories so that whenever you look at that photographs, they bring back a happy moment.

Reuse The Elements 

Reuse the elements

We Indians are best at using stuff we invested our money in. Everyone loves saving money right?

If your old decors and furniture are workable, why not clean them nicely and reuse them? it will save your money for other most needy things, but if you have enough funds your hands sell them or give them to the person who needs them, do not waste anything.

You can go for a second-hand item and check if they are in a good state or not. Clean before using and decorate, paint or modify according to liking.



People focus a lot on the entrance, as from my point of view whenever someone visits our home, they notice the way in first.

For entrance, you can go for a welcome carpet and add some torans on top of your door, add art photos, custom decor items, framed mirror, etc. To make your guests feel warm and pleasant. These are inexpensive ways, not to forget the hand-made torans.

Some Indian people show their religion at the entrance, which is good.


The culture of India is vastly different from the rest of the world. I hope you found the above home furnishing tips useful. Home furnishing is exciting, but it can also be intimidating.

That does not have to be the case. Follow the steps outlined above to simplify the process and ensure that the end result is exactly what you imagined.

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