Vastu for Home – Complete Guide and Important Tips for 2023

The Sanskrit word ‘Vastu’ means a house or apartment that is situated on a specific piece of land, and Vastu Shastra offers guidance on the right color, shape, direction, and layout for each corner of the house to ensure good luck, positivity, and happiness in your home. It’s all about creating a harmonious living space, even in the best out of waste DIY home decor ideas. A house must have a specific energy to truly feel like a home, and according to Vastu for home, the occupant of a house is influenced by that energy. 

Natural sunlight, open windows, house plants or flowers, hanging artwork, and soothing pink colors are some of the key elements that contribute to positive energy in your living space, in alignment with Vastu Shastra for home. As you explore ways to decorate and enhance your home, remember that many factors directly affect your state of mind and the overall environment in your home.

Vastu tips for home:

Several Foundational Vastu Principles for Homes

  • Shape: One of the basic tips is to check the shape of the hose. According to Vastu for home, it must be perfectly in the shape square or rectangular. Circular furniture or spaces should not be used, according to Vastu.
  • Room basics tips: Airy, well-lit, bright, and clean rooms are ideal. The corners of each room are likewise covered by this regulation.
  • Center of the home: The space of the home must be clean and empty.
  • Colors: According to Vastu for home avoid using dark shades of colors. Always go with a light color shade like yellow, blue, white, pink, orange, and green.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation and sunlight are the most important componentize of the Vastu for the home. According to Vastu Shastra for home, every room in the house should get regular sunlight and proper sunlight, it helps to attract positivity and good energy.
  • Furniture tips: Heavy furniture, such as armoires, should be stored facing southwest. You can list the most important things you need to buy for your new home and go with that list. 

Vastu for home – Tips for Entrance

Vastu for home - Tips for Entrance
Vastu for home – Tips for Entrance

The entrance of the house is not just the entry but a reason for the house environment and energy and vibes of each person in the family. The entrance of the house should be on the north side, east side, or northeast side direction. 

Some main things to focus on while designing the entrance:

  • Must avoid painting the front door black.
  • When building the entrance, choose wood of the highest caliber.
  • The door should open with the clock.
  • Outside the main entrance, a fountain or other decoration with a water motif should not be put.
  • Place nothing like a shoe rack or trash can outside the entrance.

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Vastu for home – Staircase

Vastu for home - Staircase
Vastu for home – Staircase

The placement of the staircase in the right direction is as important as the entrance for keeping good vibes and positivity in the house. As per Vastu for home, the southern and western direction is best for the staircase. You must avoid the northeast zone of the house to build a staircase. 

Vastu for home – Living room

Vastu for home - Living room
Vastu for home – Living room

The living room of any house is the most important and most attractive area of the house when guests enter the house. To spread positive energy and good vibes, must try to keep your living room clutter free and clean. The Living room of the house must be located in the east, north, or northeast direction of the house. And all furniture in that room must be in the west or southwest direction. Things you need to buy for your living room while moving into your brand-new home.

You can connect with our property experts for houses built according to vastu shastra.

PropetyCloud-Contact our property expert for vastu compliance homes
Contact our property expert for vastu compliance homes

Vastu for home – Bedroom 

Vastu for home - Bedroom 
Vastu for home – Bedroom 

For good health and maintaining love in fortunate relationships, the bedrooms should be in a southwest direction. The northeast-facing bedroom can lead to arguments and clashes between couples, whereas the northeast orientation is unhealthy. The bed should also be positioned with the head facing west, in the southwest corner of the room. To spread good vibes in the bedroom always keep a small temple in the bedroom. Mood lighting and good atomic oil also spread positivity between the relationships.

Vastu for Home – Kitchen

Vastu for Home - Kitchen
Vastu for Home – Kitchen

According to Vastu Shastra for home kitchen must be located in the southeast direction of the house. North, northeast, and southwest direction must be avoided when they build the kitchen. All the appliances of the kitchen are also kept in the southeast direction.

PropertyCloud-Contact our property expert for vastu compliance homes
Contact our property expert for vastu compliance homes

Vastu for home – Kid’s room

Vastu for home - Kid's room
Vastu for home – Kid’s room

According to Vastu Shastra for home, the kid’s room must be built in the southeast direction for their good luck and peace of mind. Kids must keep their heads facing in the south or the east direction. For balanced the mood swings and brighten up the space Vastu for home suggest lively colors for kid’s bedroom like light yellow and light green colors.

Vastu for home – Meditation Room

Vastu for home - Meditation Room
Vastu for home – Meditation Room

According to Vastu, building a meditation room is a basic requirement for the spiritual growth and peace of mind of every single person in the family.  The East or northeast side is best for Yoga and meditation. For increasing positivity in life, you should keep facing the east side. The colors of the meditation room must be lighter shades like white/beige/green/light yellow. You can decorate that room with a candle or the pleasant aroma of incense sticks.

Vastu for home – Washroom 

Vastu for home - washroom
Vastu for home – washroom

Building a washroom according to Vastu is as important as building other areas of the house. Northwest or the west direction is the right for the Washroom and toilet. On the southern side also you can consider for the build washroom. white, cream and beige are the best for the Washroom. The mirror you can put on the east wall of the Washroom is in the right direction. The Washroom is the place where the disposer area of the house and hopping positivity in that place is senseless but the Vastu expert claims if all the interior of the Washroom and toilet are set in the right direction then it helps to balance the position of the other area.

Go on! Get a Vastu-Ready Home. 

When purchasing your first home, safety, security, interior design, and construction quality are all important considerations. Many things are required for your comfort and convenience. However, if you want positivity, peace, and good vibes for your loved ones, then building a house according to Vastu Shastra is also essential.

If you set every part of your home in the best direction with the perfect color, you will definitely feel the result as mentioned in Vastu. We hope our research and these tips will help you make your house Vastu

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