What Is Prohibited Property: Everything You Need to Know

A prohibited property is a piece of real estate that cannot be obtained, purchased, or sold. For a specified purpose, these properties are typically owned by the State government or government agencies. Before buying any land titles, it is advisable to verify the list of such assets, which is published on official State portals. Not only for the prohibited property but also for any real estate purchase you need to check documents for security. You can research it on your own or you can go through some online material where you can find out how to buy house or property.

Lathe is a state topic in India, as you may know. As a result,

states have the power to enact laws governing property ownership and title transfer processes. States also make the public aware of particular land parcels that are sold to the general public on a leasing basis but remain the state’s property. They are referred to as restricted property. Section 22-A of the Indian Registration Act, of 1908 governs properties that are on the prohibited properties list in that country.

Government involvement in turnkey construction projects on prohibited properties can vary widely depending on the legal framework, local regulations, and the specific project details.

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What exactly qualifies as prohibited properties?

A row house, subject to the authority of the State as per the Indian Constitution, falls under the legal regulations of land ownership controlled by state governments, which dictate the processes for transferring land titles.

Additionally, state governments may designate specific plots, even on leasehold terms, as prohibited property, retaining ultimate control over them despite their availability to citizens. Also do check out details about let out property and income tax implications on it.

Can you sell a property that the state has listed as being prohibited properties?

States continue to be the owners of any prohibited properties under their control, therefore the current owner cannot transfer ownership to a third party. In other words, because their registration is restricted, the owner is not permitted to sell a prohibited item. So, it is unlawful to sell, register, or transfer prohibited properties.

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How are prohibited properties searched in various States?

The procedures for locating forbidden things vary by state. Let’s look at Delhi and Andhra Pradesh’s procedures as examples.

How to search prohibited properties in Delhi?

You can visit the DORIS webpage of the Delhi Online Registration Information System to search for prohibited property in Delhi. Now we can look at how we can check the prohibited property step by step.

Online Registration Information System

First, On this page, you must click on “Prohibited Property”.

After clicking the browser automatically open a new tab and new page with the all property state viz like Central, East, New Delhi, North, North East, North West, etc.

Delhi Online Registration Information System
Delhi Online Registration Information System

Second, You need to select which type of Prohibited property you want to check like Disputed Properties, Evacuee Properties, Land Acquisition Details, Gram Sabha Properties, etc.

Delhi Online Registration Information System
Delhi Online Registration Information System

Third, after selecting the type you need to click on the district name of the property located.

Delhi Online Registration Information System
Prohibited Property list – Delhi

After this, you will get the complete list of the Prohibited property in Delhi with all the details like Complaint Type, SRO Name, Locality, Property Address, etc.

How to search prohibited properties in Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh government's registration and stamps division
Andhra Pradesh government’s registration and stamps division

You can visit the official website of the Andhra Pradesh government‘s registration and stamp division. Choose the “Prohibited Property Search” link on the homepage under the “Ease of Doing Business” heading. Following this action, you will reach the new screen. Your village, survey number, Mandal, and district details are required to acquire a list of the restricted properties in the region..

Conclusion | Know the reason why the property is prohibited

Prohibited property refers to any property that cannot be owned or sold due to legal restrictions. This includes areas protected for environmental conservation and cultural heritage preservation. Understanding the types of prohibited property and reasons for their prohibition is vital for property owners and buyers. Thorough research and legal advice are essential to prevent legal, financial, and environmental consequences. Additionally, incorporating Vastu-compliant good luck and positivity paintings for home decor can enhance the living space, ensuring not just legal compliance but also positive energy within the premises. Preserving cultural heritage, safeguarding biodiversity, and promoting sustainable use of natural resources are integral aspects of dealing with prohibited property.

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