Tallest Buildings in Hyderabad You Should to Keep an Eye On

Hyderabad’s skyline has witnessed significant growth with the establishment of Hitech City and the Financial District. These areas are home to numerous high-rise buildings, modern office complexes, and tech parks, representing the city’s emergence as a major IT and business hub.

Prominent buildings include the iconic Cyber Towers, which has a distinctive design. The tallest building in Hyderabad is the witness to substantial urban development.

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Hyderabad skyline.
Hyderabad skyline.

Here are the top tallest building in Hyderabad

Hyderabad’s skyline has been evolving rapidly, with numerous high-rise buildings and modern architectural landmarks shaping its urban landscape. And due to all this, Hyderabad is one of the top cities to live in India.

Lodha Belleza tower 4&5

The lavish residential development known as Lodha Bellezza is located in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Important portions of Hyderabad, like as IT hubs, educational institutions, medical facilities, and entertainment venues, are conveniently accessible due to the project’s Kukatpally location. Lodha Bellezza is well-known for its striking beauty and distinct architectural style. The exterior and interior designs of the project strive to give a contemporary and sumptuous living environment. The goal of these residences is to provide its tenants with a luxurious and warm lifestyle. Lodha Belleza stands 153 meters (502 feet) tall. Because Lodha Belleza is Hyderabad’s tallest skyscraper, the price of properties is high, thus Akshaya Tritiya would be the ideal moment for you to purchase a home because during Akshaya Tritiya you receive perks.

appealing environment for residents to relax and unwind.
appealing environment for residents to relax and unwind.

Storey – 45 
Projected area – 12 Acres
Possession – Oct 2015

Aurobindo Kohinoor Tower’s

Aurobindo Kohinoor’s tower height is 134.85 meters(442 ft). Aurobindo Kohinoor Tower is residential property. Hyderabad has been witnessing rapid urban development and growth, including the construction of various residential and commercial projects. If Aurobindo Kohinoor is a part of this development trend, it has unique features or specialties that set it apart.

Make it resonate with harmony, prosperity and boundless happiness.
Make it resonate with harmony, prosperity and boundless happiness.

Storey – 42
Projected area – 25 Acres
Possession – Mar 2024

Aparna One Tower 1 & 4

Aparna One Tower’s height is 130.5 meters (428 ft). Aparna One Tower is a residential property. A central or well-connected location in Hyderabad, providing easy access to key areas, business districts, entertainment centers, and transportation hubs. Use of premium materials and construction techniques to ensure the longevity and durability of the property.Numerous properties in India are regarded as India’s tallest and largest residential buildings, and they all provide the best connectivity near popular destinations and marketplaces. These properties are well known for their durability as well as their unique strategies for construction.

Storey – 36
Projected area – 9.7 Acres
Possession – Jul 2024

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Contact our property expert for stress-free home buying.

Phoenix BHub Tower

Phoenix BHub Tower is a real estate project in Nanakramguda, Hyderabad. Phoenix BHub Tower’s height 

is 127.9 meters (420 ft). Phoenix BHub Tower is commercial property.

Privately owned and SEZ campus.
Privately owned and SEZ campus.

Storey – 30
Projected area – 17 Acres
Possession – Oct 2025

GAR Infobahn Tower’s

GAR is a Hyderabad-based technology-enabled urban space owner. With a single focus on creating world-class commercial office parks, every property under the GAR banner is executed to the highest standards. GAR height is 119.37 meters(391.6 ft).

GAR’s innovative and efficient approach to property development, ownership, and operations has cemented our status as one of the premier office parks in Hyderabad. GAR’s professional management practices have allowed it to grow from strength to strength since its inception, regardless of the prevailing market conditions. GAR Corporation, IT, IT, Telecom, E-commerce, Healthcare, Retail, Government, Pharmaceutical, Banking, etc. has the industry’s most stable and diverse customer base and tenants such as. This diverse clientele has allowed Gar Corp to grow at a healthy pace over the years.

Providing a visually appealing and professional environment.
Providing a visually appealing and professional environment.

Storey – 29
Projected area –
Possession – 1 December 2025

Lanco Hills Towers

Lanco Hills boasts some of the tallest buildings in Hyderabad; it’s a mixed property development, providing residents with impressive views of the city and surroundings. Lanco Hills offers high-end luxury living with a variety of apartment configurations, sizes, and designs to cater to different preferences and needs. The development is well-connected to major roadways and transportation hubs, making it easy for residents to access different parts of the city.

Offering opportunities for networking and socializing.
Offering opportunities for networking and socializing.

Storey – 36
Projected area – 100 Acres
Possession – March 2021

My Home Bhooja Towers

My Home Bhooja Tower is a prominent residential development located in Hyderabad, known for its upscale features and modern living experience. The use of contemporary materials and innovative design elements enhances the overall appeal of the development. My Homr Bhooja Tower height is 116.7 meters(383 ft). Tower 1 to 7 has the same height

A major attraction for those looking for a picturesque living experience.
A major attraction for those looking for a picturesque living experience.

Storey – 36
Projected area – 18 Acres
Possession –  Dec 2020

Lodha Meridian Towers

Lodha Meridian is a prominent residential project in Hyderabad developed by the Lodha Group. Lodha Meridian is strategically located in Kukatpally, a well-connected and rapidly developing area of Hyderabad. It offers convenient access to various key areas of the city, including commercial hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options. Projects by established developers like Lodha Group often attract interest from both end-users and investors, which could potentially offer good appreciation and rental income opportunities. Meridian height is 115 meters(377 ft). There are 4 towers.

Storey – 35
Projected area – 4.4 Acres
Possession – May 2016

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Divyasree Orion B8

Unique and innovative architectural design can set a project apart. Features like a distinctive exterior, sustainable design elements, or modern aesthetics can be highlighted as USPs. Proximity to major roadways, public transportation options, and connectivity to key areas of the city can be important for commercial projects. Divyasree’s Orion height is 107.9 meters(354 ft).

Ensure durability and longevity.
Ensure durability and longevity.

DSR The First

In Gachbowli, Hyderabad, the upscale residential development DSR First was created by the well-known DSR Group of Builders and Developers. For those looking for a house, the low/high rise residential complex offers a roomy 4 BHK DSR A residential project comes first. DSR stands for 105.86 meters or 347.3 feet. Not only Hyderabad you can also additionally, bear in mind about highest skyscrapers in Chennai.

compact bolt-action sniper rifle designed, manufactured, and marketed by the German company DSR-Precision
Compact bolt-action sniper rifle designed, manufactured, and marketed by the German company DSR-Precision

Storey – 27
Projected area – 4 Acres
Possession – May 2023

Hyderabad stands tall with rapid economic growth and skyscrapers!

Hyderabad has witnessed a significant transformation in its urban landscape with the construction of impressive skyscrapers and tall buildings. These architectural marvels not only contribute to the city’s skyline but also reflect its rapid economic growth and modernization, aligning with the principles of vastu for good vibes at home. The Lanco Hills Signature Tower stands as a prominent symbol of this progress, its unique design and towering height making it a standout feature. Each tower and tallest building in Hyderabad often comes with unique features that contribute to the city’s architectural diversity and urban landscape. Hyderabad’s status as a Tier 1 city could evolve based on future developments and changing economic and urban dynamics.

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